new server for Financials 260 - help

hi, id like recommend me a new server for a client. Database: 16Gb 28 Navision Concurrent Users 40 net user actualy they have: HP NET SERVER E60 1024 Mb RAM Cache 681984Kb no commit SO WINDOWS NT 4.0 3 Hard Disk 10GB 10K without RAID Database: 8 files distributed (2+3+3) the first file is in the second hard disk Net: 100mbps Switch1 - Navision Server - backup Server - users | |100mbps |-- Switch2 - users |-- Switch3 - users |-- Switch4 - users | |optical fiber Switch5 - users now, they have low perfomance. is it recommendable RAID? what hard disk/database configure? The connection server - Switch 100mbps? 1000mbps? what scsi controler? commitcache - navision or scsi card? thanks. Vísperas. =========

Use Navision commit cache? Yes, definitely, but have a UPS for the server. Next question would be: read/write speed of disks? Go to database information, on the field ‘database name’ drill down (F6)and in each database part make a zoom (Ctrl-F8) to get information about the read/write speed. Post your results… RAID: there were already multiple discussion about RAID usage in this forum. To my knowledge, still RAID 5 is recommended from MBS, but others have different opinions.

NºSize(KB) reads Time(ms)write Time(ms)HD Charge(%) 0 2000000 25440 10 33617 1 1 1 2000000 25454 8 29436 10 1 2 2000000 25456 8 30289 0 1 3 2000000 25029 8 28704 9 1 4 2000000 25518 8 29013 0 1 5 2000000 25319 12 30108 12 2 6 2000000 25423 11 29453 14 2 7 2000000 26058 12 29791 14 3 the server have a ups this results are low charge time. Vísperas. =========

The times look good for me, what about times at higher peaks? You should definitly use the Navision cache & commit cache, at least 1,5 MB per concurrent user. Are the users blocking themselves by everyone posting the same time? So tables are locked and users have to wait… Maybe someone else has recommendations?

ill try activate the commitcache the reads Time(ms)and write Time(ms)on some users are 30-40ms for some files of DB. high?? others are 8-15 ms. thanks. Vísperas. =========

First of all: NO RAID 5!!! MBS advises to use Raid 1 for Navision. (At least in the Netherlands and in Denmark they do). Raid 5 causes severe performance problems. Second: Why 8 database files while you have only three disks, MBS’s advice is to use a seperate disk for each database part. Third: Be sure the server is only used for Navision, you really need that 600~700 Megs of cache with this database and user quantity. Commit-cache is faster but risky in case of a power outage.

first of all thanks for response neither raid, tree only disk. the number of files are extensions, (im not responsible ;)) the cache is 678mb, more produce swapping. my next steps are commitcache and 3-4 disks raid 1, perhaps connect the server with switch with gigabit. Vísperas. =========

I must agree to MarcoV, I mixed it up. Use RAID 1, not RAID 5, if using a RAID system. If for most of the users the times are between 8-15ms I think it is not a problem of the server disks… If you have only some users with 30-40ms I don’t think it is your main problem. But the users that do the most posting in the system should have the fastest machines… Are you having a mixture of 10/100Mbit clients?

the card of all clients are 100 mbps. But i think that 100 mbps card of server not enought for all users. Vísperas. =========