New Serial Number in registration form

hi all,

how can i enable create serial number in registration form:

Inventory management → Periodic → Quality management → Quarantine orders

and then click Inventory → Registration

Hi JM,

First of all, please check the below mentioned setups…

  1. DId you assigned Quarantine WH to Default WH ? check this once.

  2. You need to setup Serial Number Group and assign it to the Item. In Ax 2009, Inventory management > Setup > Dimension > Number groups. In the Number group form, specify number sequence & now assign this group to Item (Item> general (tab) > serial number group).

  3. Please check the Dimension group which should have Serial number enabled (checked). if not it won’t select the serial numbers. … AND

  4. Inventory model group should have Quarantine Management enabled (Checked).

Batch numbering will be applied on multiple items (set of items) and Serial numbering will be applied on each individual item. So, when you does registration it will generate serial numbers individually.

Example: If your creating PO, Quantity you selected 5 then go to Inventory > Registration… In the Registration form you can see the 5 serial numbers gets generated & when you select post all it will post it with individual serial numbers. after you do packing slip you can view them in Quarantine management > Quarantine orders.

Check the above steps, i hope you will get what you want.