New printer changes report layout.

Hello, I have a question about printing reports. We bought a new printer from a difrent brand than the older one. We installed it and it works fine (prints on difrent colors of paper, margins are OK in word). but on each repport we have a title in a rectangle. Like Order-Confirmation in a black bordered rectangle. Here is it where it goes wrong. The text in the rectangle is moved a bit more to the top and the top of it falls of. So we got only half words like ORDER CONFIRMATION where te upper part falls of. nothing is changed on the reports only a switch of printers. everything else prints correctly except for this title. We got this problem on every report wich has such a title in a rectangle. If we print on the old printer we do not have the problem. So it is probably some font problem. But what to do about it? New printer = Kyocera Old one = HP best regards Roel.

The simplest solution is obvious: Remove the bordered rectangle. Or you will have to start experimenting with different print drivers. Pelle

Also, please try to look under Solutions. LaserNet and especially the Overlay solution, could solve your problems now, and in the future. If you are interested i have a screencam, which gives you an introduction to LaserNet, so you can see how it works.