New Print job for indivisual Customer Statements

Hi there I’m playing around with emailing customer statements using a pdf add on and would like to know how to generate seperate reports when running customer statements. Currently if I run it for multiple customers it creates one file and attempts to send this file to mutiple customers. I’d like to create a seperate print job for each customer and consequently seperate emails, i.e. where the report finishes. Thanks in advance Derek

You will have to filter a Customer record variable - probably using the SETRECFILTER function - and run the Report for that customer only. Then you can e-mail the resulting PDF document. Once you do this, use the code inside a loop which runs through all required customers. Perhaps it’s also a good idea if you paste your current code here so we can see how far you’ve gone.

HI Nelson Thanks for the reply No code yet as using a product which does everythign for me as long as I embed thevariables in the report. I’ll definately post a result regarding this when I get something. Derek

I’ve used a secondary custom report to filter on which customers you want to run the job on, which in turn calls the base statement report. You can define a function in the base statement report to handle the request form vars, and which printer to output to (be it a fax, or pdf, or e-mail). -john