new parameter - Customer Aging report

Hi All,

I’m working on ‘Cutomer Aging report’.

Can anyone help me out in walking me through on “how to add a new parameter and filter values using the same”



HI, please find the document.

3731.CAdoc.pdf (137 KB)


The customer Aging Report existing Accounts Receivable module.

Location of report in the AOT : SSRS Reports\Reports\CustAgingReport

Menu item of the report: CustAgingBalance

So, this report is generated based on SSRS reports, so, you need to add new parameters you have to modify : CustAgingReportContract class.

The classes used for this report is: CustAgingReportContract, CustAgingReportController and CustAgingReportDP

I hope this will help you.


Raman Kutala.