New Page in Report

I have copied the account schedule report and modified it so that I can fit 28 columns on a page, for an account schedule that needs a special layout.

I have created a promoted icon to run it on the ribbon in Account Schedules.

The only issue I have now is that it does not recognize the New Page checkbox in the row setup

(in RTC > Account Schedule > Edit Account Schedule)

I cannot figure out why my modified report ignores the New Page checkbox. So far it shows everything, it’s simply not applying page breaks where needed

Is there something that I’m missing in my modified report? Do I need to create some kind of function or expression?

do you speak of settings in the report layout ?

Yes, I made a new report in the Development Environment. I want to know if I need to add something either in the Dev. environment or the report designer in Visual Studio

Can someone explain exactly how the Account Schedule knows when to insert a page break? When the “New Page” Checkbox is selected in the Edit Account Schedule?

I see that in order to apply bold, italic or underline using those check boxes, in the Report Designer it is an =IIF statement.

In the dev client for that report there is a DataItem called ‘PageBreak’. Hit F9 (Or View > C/AL Code) and you’ll see that on the ‘OnAfterGetRecord()’ trigger that it calls the report’s NEWPAGE function.

That’s what I needed, thanks!