New No. Series for Sales Orders and Invoices ...

Hi, Instead of using the original No. Series for the Sales Orders and Invoices, I am looking for the followings: The format of the “Starting No.” and “Ending No.” is going to be SO-NNNN-MM. The ‘NNNN’ stands for the orders and invoices nos., and ‘MM’ stands for the value of each month. So, for the Sales Order record in the No. Series Line table, it would look like this: Series Code field = SO Starting No. = SO-0001-02 Ending No. = SO-9999-99 I tried inputting the above information, but it would not let me. If I took out the dashes, it would let me. Based on the “Order Date”, say, 2/20/02, the No. Series will be incremented by 1 (for the middle 4 digits of the Starting No.), but the last 2 digits will be ‘02’, since this month is February. In conclusion, no matter how many orders and invoices I make today, the last two digits will be ‘02’; only the middle four digits will be incremented by 1. But what if today is 5/1/02, how do I generate the Order OR Invoice No.? Is there anyway that I could keep the dashes for the Starting No. and Ending No.? What should I enter for the Incrememt-by No. field? Where should I begin modifying the codes in Codeunit 397? I am very confused with the whole situation. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Sylvia Tsang Management Software Solutions, Inc.

Hello yummi before you continue with this teoretically elegant system, consider a few points: Will humans have to manually handle these sales orders? If so, stay with numbers only. A lot of people are good att using the numerical keybord, but mixing numbers and letters slow down their work. Have you conscidered sort order? Your orders will be sorted SO-0001-02 SO-0001-03 SO-0002-02 SO-0002-03 etc. Being able to find the last record in a list just using Ctrl + End is quite handy! Basically, what are your reasonss for this elaborate system? Pelle

Hey, Pelle! The reason that I am dealing with this elaborate system is not my idea at all. The salesperson at my work gave me this project to work on. I am still trying to figure out how to handle the procedure, and this is my first time dealing with a problem like that. I told him partial of what I found. Of course some of the stuff wouldn’t work. I have no idea if he realized that. I don’t know how to get both no. series and the month work together as the number. Sincerely, Sylvia Tsang Management Software Solutions, Inc.

Hi It will work fine if you use SO-MM-NNNN and set up a line for each month but you sould really us SO-YY-MM-NNNN to take account of years. This number scheme works well and should give the salesperson what they require and not be too difficult for you. I used a system of Jan98-NNNN as the posting number in one system. Being able to vary the numbering on dates is something that we overlook sometimes. Paul Baxter