New NAV 4.0 implementation

Hi, I am new to all this so please bear with me. We are currently running NAV 2.6 and are going to now be implementing NAV 4.0. We have been working with a reseller and are in test mode. However, I am concerned about the lack of any training/user documentation. We have a very small IT dept and we will be responsible for training our employees. We have a microsoft customer source account but when I go on the site to find user documentation, it comes back with nothing.

So, first question, is there any training or user documentation that we can get access to so we can prepare for this new implementation.

I have lots of questions but I’ll stick to 2 right now. The 2nd is regarding the E-ship add-in and EDI modules. I’ve been put in charge of this area. Again, I have tried to find some user documentation on EDI module. I have tried to use the notes I took from one day of training with our provider, however, when it comes down to implementing it I am very frustrated when I keep running up against issues I can’t seem to resolve.

I would appreciate any suggestions or guidance that will help us with achieving a successful implementation. Thank you!

E-Ship and EDI are LAnham modules and not part of navision documentation on customer source.

Contact either your partner or Lanham.

Customer source is a complete joke, you will find nothing there. I keep getting emails from Microsoft to see the new improved customer source, find all the info I need, ect.

I fall for each time, and go to see if they actually have anything, and like you, there is nothing, we have payroll so I thought I would look up payroll tax updates, most current they have is 2003,

There are no service packs, no training documents, nothing, it is completely useless.

You should ask your solution center if they will provide there training doc. they are not geared toward end users, more toward setup and basic functions, but if you can learn all the set up, they you can figure out how to use the program, and if you are a small IT shop, then learning the setup will be key anyways.

The F1 help is not too bad, with the new ability in 4.0 to add your own help comments, I use that to give the company specific help,

There is nothing like a generalisation [:D] I would suggest you have the wrong partner. Microsoft have not historically provided training documentation (you can now buy manuals I believe) and you will probably have a modified system. I guess you would not be willing to pay your partner to write the documentation? So clearly they should absorb the costs? If your partner is not gear towards end users then in what way do they constitute a “partner”? You sound like someone who has had a painful experience and is branding all the partners the same, which is a little unfair really.

No you mis-understand, the Microsoft customer source, is what is really bad, it is pitched directly by Microsoft as the point where we can get all the latest information, service packs, hotfixed, online documention, white papers ect.

but if you go to it, and in the search boxes, enter the product from their drop down list, as Dynamics Nav version 4.0 and search for service packs and hotfixes, you get nothing, if you search for white papers you get nothing, if you search for payroll tax updates, you get one from 2003, if you search for how to and training documents you get nothing. I don’t mean you get some out of date or generalized stuff, I mean you get zero search results returned. This is not by entering your own search terms it is using the lookup info on there search boxes.

My solution center actually gave us copies of their training material, which is what I was suggestiong other people try, as the solution center is likely to be of more help then Microsoft.

And you should not be guessing we are cheap as you are impling, because that is much more of generalization then I was making. This is not a generalization, it is a statement of fact, the microsoft customer source website for Dynamics 4.0 provides zero information and zero value.

Just so we are clear, this is the site I am talking about.

the only current info it provides from my company, is that
Service Plan:
Enhancement Plan
End Date: 6/29/2007
Days Remaining: 138


The way it read was that all solution centres were not geared up for end users [:D]

Apologies for the misunderstanding. I was also not implying you were cheap. I have not yet met an end user willing to pay a solution centre to fully document the system for them, it would cost more than the system to do properly.

I believe they are relaunching customer source soon, but I cannot say if it will be better, I would guess not, the same information with a different front end. If it is any consolation partner source is just as bad, just that we get charged for asking where stuff is!

Would you mind telling me where edi and e-ship is part of navision?

And yes partnersource sux, and it takes a while before you find the ins and outs, but its doable.

And regarding training. It has always been up to the partners to train customers(that or open courses). Your the one choosing your partner.

e-ship and edi are an add-on from these guys

Since it is not NAV i hope you have a good contract with your provider and as such can just call them to ask your questions. The worst thing is being uncertain about functionality for a user.

Im sure your mbs partner will help but it will be costly if they are to look through all the functionality.