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Hi First of all i want to introduce my self. i am bandana. I am an indian. I want to learn navision and i am a beginner. i have hands on exprience on dotnet, sqlserver and xml. what more i need to learn navision. pl. let me knowi can do it or not? Thanks and regard bandana

Hi Bandana, welcome to Navision and this forum! You’re programming experience will give you a nice start. You can have a look at the following thread which explains very well how to learn Navision. Good luck!

Hey Tino waht an excelent post to link to [^][:D]

Let me allow to link to this, then: [:0)]

Welcome [Yeah!]


Let me allow to link to this, then: [:0)]
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Yes also a very good one. If people could paste lins t other posts they have made on this topic, then over the weekend, I will merge them into one topic as a sticky in the beginers forum. Please just post the link as a reply to this thread. Also never got any replies to this post any replies from those that have gone through the process recently would be appreciated.