New Lot No field

Hi,In Item Tracking Lines form we have two fields New Lot no and New Serial No.When Go through the F1 help :

“This field is used to see or enter a new serial number to be changed with a reclassification journal


The field is accessed through the Item Tracking Lines form only if called from a reclassification journal. “

What my query is what is the use of this field ? at what type situation we can use this field?

In Reclassification journal these fields are editable.

But in Transfer order these fields are not editable . Why it is like that ?

Could u share u r practical experience ?

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I guess you must study the manuals thoroughly and do the given exercises.

Please refer to Inventory Management manual…chapter 5: Item Tracking.

You book an item in with serial number ABC1235

If you want to transfer this item you pick the serial number and move it.

If however you realise the serial number was created incorrectly and should have been ABC1234 you use a reclassification journal to set the new serial number - no other reclassification fields require alteration to change the serial number.

Thanks Mr. Adam ,

So Only through the reclassification jounal we can change the serial No.

Is it possible to change the serial no through Transfer order ?

Onre more thing why the fields New serial no & lot no are editable in transfer order

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Yes the reclassification journal is how you change the serial number, it is not possible to change the serial number through a transfer order and the new serial and new lot number fields are NOT editable as standard on a transfer order.

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Do you by any chance know where I can download the Inventory Management Manual from…

I cannot find it anywhere.

Thank you!

Kris Comrie… BMR