New line in message

In a message i want to show the filters a user has set on a table. But i want to show the filter of each (filtered) field on a new line. I tried the command CONVERTSTR to convert each <,> into <> but that didn’t work.After that i tried the following code but that doesn’t work either. In both cases the filters are shown on one single line in stead of multiple lines. Can anyone help me out here? Marcel intAantalKommas := 0; VarFilter := Verkoopbudgetpost.GETFILTERS; FOR a := 1 TO STRLEN(VarFilter) DO BEGIN IF COPYSTR(VarFilter,a,1) = ‘,’ THEN intAantalKommas += 1; END; FOR a := 1 TO (intAantalKommas+1) DO BEGIN VarFilter2 := VarFilter2 + ‘’ + SELECTSTR(a,VarFilter) ; END; IF NOT CONFIRM(‘Wilt u het verkoopbudget met de waarden:\’+ ‘%1\’+ ‘kopiëren naar:\’+ ‘Verkoopbudget: %2’+ ‘Artikelnr.: %3’+ ‘Kostenplaats: %4’+ ‘Kostendrager: %5’+ ‘Prijsgroep: %6’+ ‘Datumformule: %7’,FALSE,VarFilter2,NaarBudgPost.Verkoopbudget,NaarBudgPost.“Artikelnr.”,NaarBudgPost.Kostenplaats, NaarBudgPost.Kostendrager,NaarBudgPost.Prijsgroep,DatumForm) THEN EXIT;

Hi Idefix, you can try this: LF := 10; VarFilter := Verkoopbudgetpost.GETFILTERS(); VarFilter2 := CONVERTSTR(VarFilter,',',FORMAT(LF)); where LF is a variable of type Char. br Josef Metz

Josef, Thanks for your reply. It works fine! Kind regards Marcel