new line character for RTC

I am turning a Classic report into RTC format.
Orginally in Classic environment, I add ‘’ in textboxes as the new line character to turn a new line. However, this method does not work for RTC.

How can I turn a new line at my desired position in RTC?

hi seeker

declare two char variables char13,char10

char13 :=13;


text:= text1 +format(char13)+format(char10)+ text2;

its will print in next line

Thanks for the answer!

However, in the view of maintenance, I had asked to avoid coding or adding variable in RTC side as the main body logic are in classic side.
Also, newline is quite commonly used, so it is both annoying and clumsy to add these 2 variables, replace all ‘’ with these variable and then recompile all of them.

I had tried your method and that’s work, but are there any better solution?

This is a pretty late reply but others might find this useful: You can also use code like this to insert newlines

=Code.GetData(1) & VBCRLF & Code.GetData(2) & VBCRLF & Code.GetData(3) & VBCRLF & Code.GetData(4) & VBCRLF & Code.GetData(5)


Thank you. :slight_smile: It worked perfectly.