New licensing agreement for Dynamics

I have heard rumors about a new licensing agreement from Microsoft.

And I’m not talking about the Business Ready Licensing, but about a special Multi-Site Licensing for companies with many sites.

My rep at Microsoft has only been able to tell me that “something” is coming, but nothing concrete! Does anyone know more?

About 9 months ago they launched a multi site license, the Multi-site Agreement enabled customers who purchased and deploy under the Business Ready Licensing model on multiple sites to get more attractive user volume discounts by aggregating the count of their user purchases. However I have not heard of anything since then, and there is nothing obvious on partnersource - so it is probably something about to come!

Hi Steven,

That’s about all I had heard also! [:^)]

Until now, the official volume discount purchase orders is Multi-site Agreement.

Just one note:

Probably is appearing a new price volume model, to fight other better priced ERP’s.

SAP has a good price discounts for volumes . In a company that I support they use SAP, and they are using Navision for RH. Their global price for SAP it’s ridiculous low.

That’s the exact problem! We also have SAP in our portfolio. And the licensing prices for SAP is much lower. Especially since our Dynamics Core consists of both Dynamics NAV AND Dynamics CRM. Users who need both systems, costs about 2-3 times as much as for the SAP license. Of cause the time used on the implementation is much higher for SAP, but as our main focus is low cost countries in Asia and South America, then the resource costs here is so low that this part isn’t quite as important as the license cost.

I don’t know if this was the new price model you were referring. I doesn’t refer to other countries except U.S. This was released in 20/4/2007

Buy Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM together and save 20%. With the Microsoft Dynamics “Complete the Suite” Offer, customers can buy one Microsoft Dynamics ERP user license together with one Microsoft CRM user license and save 20% off list price.

There is already now a multi site license for Dynamics NAV.

Anyway the current multi site license is limited to “RETAIL” solutions. This means that retail companies with several stores can run when purchasing a so called “store” granule.

Every single “Store” granule enables the customer to run Navision for retail purposes in offline databases per store and/or in “Terminal Server” connections.

Anyway synchronizing databases can be a challenge regarding this even though I have developed a very clever replication solution for Navision running completely in CAL and does not require any changes to the replicated tables.

PM me to find out more.

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