New letter of credit


On AX 2012, there is a screen to view commercial letters of credit, but I still can not find where to create?

How or where I can create a new commercial letter of credit, who is generally open in our bank during an import operation?

Thank’s in advance.

Is there any indications about what I posted?

Go to Purchase Order - Manage - letter of credit if you are creating import letter of credit

Thank’s but I don’t found it in PO/manage there isn’t letter of crédit.

there is only 1.Budget, 2.intercompany tracing, 3.History in Action Tab (manage).

Thank’s to explain me more.


Hi Zoheir,

To see Letter of credit option in PO, you need to enable the setup in GL parameters - Enable Import letter of credit.



Hi thank’s for your help.

It’s strange but in my AX2012 R2 version there is neither Lettre of credit in PO / management nor bank documents tab in GL parameters?

I tried what you told me to do in a another machine and it works perfectly but not in my AX 2012 ??

Thank’s to answer me if you have an idea !


Check the license configuration also and make sure necessary configurations are active. Check user roles and permission also.


I found this setting parameters in fund management and banking [:)]

Thank’s every body.