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This morning (13-04-2006) at 7.04 am my son Wesley was born. :smiley: Wesley weighs 2540 grams and 46 cm long. Both mother and baby are doing well. Greetings, Mark Brummel ----------- Address: Duivenlaan 6 7331 AS Apeldoorn The Netherlands PS. Don’t expect to much posting in the next weeks :mrgreen:

Mini-Marq… what is the world coming to… That kid will know how to write smiley posts before he can talk… [^] Congratulations Mark!!

Congratulations Mark. I am 12 weeks ahead of you and it is great fun!

He Mark, A little boy! Congratulations! [Wow!] Enjoy.

Well lest see how fast we can get two MVPs int he same family [:(!][^][:D][B)][:I][:0)][:o)][:O)][V][Duh!][8][}:)][:X][No][OK][?][:(][:O][:o][:0][8)][:)][|)][:P][:p][Ugh][;)][Wow!][Yeah!]

It is 12 and 13 years ago that I got mine, but it has been a lot of fun all the time. Aehm … most of the time. Anyway. Congratulation Mark !!!