New journal Type

I am trying to create a new journal type for day-to-day entry that has some additional code behind it. I need to write the front end of this now, where I need to execute this new type and also a new form. I have seen that the existing journals use the codeunit c230 to choose the type. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this ?

I think you should be more specific about your problem (that might be the reason why you didnn’t get any reasonable replies to your question so far). What I can advise right now is this: Do not take c230 as an example! In my eyes it’s the worst and most complicated codeunit in whole NF! The reason for this is historical as T83.Field41 was not contained in the original Navision and was added later. (after 1.1 I suppose). Question: Do you really need to have a Journal consisting of “Template Name” and “Batch Name” as c230 handles T83? I suppose not! So let’s know what your porblem is but I suppose you might be happy with a simple “Journal” header table which consists only of CODE and NAME which form PK of a “Journal-Line” table. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Dean I have written several complete Modules each with thier own Journals & ledgers IE: Service Management for this I just Copied all the Tables Codeunits etc: for the Jobs Module then renamed and added the additional fields and functions. It is easier than writing it from scrath! David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

okay, here goes ! The general journal will be changed to Management Journals (at request) and a cut down version will be created for the day-to-day entry by other staff members. The basis of entry will be the journal batch name, and entering such details as date amount, G/L code etc but there will not be a second line or a balancing account for ANY of these entries. These will be brought from a new journal setup screen. Therefore, this is the reason for needing a new “Entry Journal”, and new screens. I had thought of using the same idea as David’s , but I will not be creating a new module, just an extension of the existing G/L. Hope this makes sense.

One way Dean if you have a table spare would be to have the defaults loaded based on the “Journal Batch Name” In the “Gen. Journal Line” table there is a function called SetUpNewLine which loads the defaults so if your table had them IF NewLineDefauls.GET(“Journal Template Name”,“Journal Batch Name”)THEN BEGIN “Recurring Method” := NewLineDefauls.“Recurring Method”; “Account Type” := NewLineDefauls.“Account Type”; “Document Type” := NewLineDefauls.“Document Type”; “Source Code” := NewLineDefauls.“Source Code”; “Reason Code” := NewLineDefauls.“Reason Code”; “Posting No. Series” := NewLineDefauls.“Posting No. Series”; “Bal. Account Type” := NewLineDefauls.“Bal. Account Type”; END ELSE BEGIN “Recurring Method” := LastGenJnlLine.“Recurring Method”; “Account Type” := LastGenJnlLine.“Account Type”; “Document Type” := LastGenJnlLine.“Document Type”; “Source Code” := GenJnlTemplate.“Source Code”; “Reason Code” := GenJnlBatch.“Reason Code”; “Posting No. Series” := GenJnlBatch.“Posting No. Series”; “Bal. Account Type” := GenJnlBatch.“Bal. Account Type”; END; You know the sort of thing! David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: Edited by - David Cox on 2001 Jun 05 22:45:03