new item log

I am using NAV 5.0

May I know is there any trail log on new item card on user id and created date ?

I did not turn on the change log on this item card but would like to trace some item created from the table before a clean up.

Please advise is there any way to locate these fields ?



add 2 new fields in table item:

  • 50000 Created by: Text-50 // saves the user which created the item
  • 50001 Created at : DateTime // date of creation
    set the values in trigger oninsert.

additional you could add fields “Modified by” and “Modified at”. set these values in trigger onmodify.

Hi Lee,
Archers suggestion is among one of the changes I have made for most of my customers. Plus “Last modified by”. Most customers don’t need the full change log, just who created it and often also who changed it last.

These fields do not exists in the standard database today. So unless you had change log turned on, then there is no track of it. It will only work going forward, after it has been developed and installed.