New Item import with Dimensions AX 3.0

We are still on Axapta 3.0 sp4. I want to add new items and have done it but not all the way.

I need to find out how to create the inventitemlocation import the pricedisctable import and the custvendexternalitem import. In short what do I do where ever the imported item is required to have a inventdimid. When I import new items I have to manually go back and add the trade aggrement the item location and vendor item number because they have Dimid’s like Dim 000448 and are created by Axapta. How do I deal with this?

Thank You

Bob L

I have searched the whole site and didn’t find a thing about my problem. Hasn’t anyone had to import a batch of new items that have dimensions? We use Dim2 and Dim3 for size and color. I have def groups setup for







inventitemlocation (no locations)

But can’t figure out how to create the



inventitemlocation (With locations)


This software is a real pain to add new items with dimensions.

Thanks Again

Bob L

and get the actual locations in