new installation - can't get client to work

Can I ask a basic question? I am working with a company that is new to MBS and Axapta. I have loaded the application on a server with SQL2000. Also on the server, I loaded a 2-tier client and then the AOS server. The application works fine on the server but when I tried to load just a 3-tier thin client on a workstation on the LAN, I can’t connect to the AOS/application server. I get the message “No Navision Axapta Object Servers could be located using the current client configuration”. Am I making some fundamental mistake?

Hi Peter… a) did you create / configure an AOS on the AOS?, is the AOS up and running? b) did you configure your 3 tier client with the correct settings for this AOS? depending on your answer there could be a couple of littl issues Pirmin

Hi Peter, Check your Axapta configuration utility. From Start → Run, type ‘axconfig’ (without quotes). You would have ‘Default’ configuration enabled. Click on the ‘Manage’ button and choose ‘New’ and enter appropriate parameters. If you have difficulty with any field, just place your cursor and press ‘F1’. HTH, Harish

Pirmin and Harish, I believe I have successfully installed the AOS on the server. When I look in the services, it is up and running. Is there anyway to verify this through Axapta? On my 3-tier client machine, I had already created a new configuration and on the CLIENT tab, I have the box checked to “Connect to Axapta Object Server”. I am not using Active Directory so I checked the “Connect using server advertising information”. I then go into “Settings” and I have entered the server IP in the Axapta Object Server host names box. The “Axapta Object Server” mask and “Axapta Object Server IP address masks” boxes are blank although I have tried putting the IP address there as well. In the “Client mode” section, I have checked “thin client”. What am I missing? Thanks, Peter

Hi all, Testing AOS is done by configuring Ax client installed on the AOS server and using it there. After that you have a working configuration to import into the client. By the way, have you checked these boxes on the server settings: ‘Windows 2000 authentication’ and ‘Allow unauthenticated and anonynmous clients’

Esa and all, Where are these boxes you speak of? Windows 2000 authentications and Allow unathenticated and anonynous clients? I don’t recall seeing those in the AOS install. Peter

Hi again, Start AOS server manager from the start menu. This is a wrapper to manager several server instances. The Manager has the start-, stop- and startup buttons of its own. In the lower part you can create and set up object servers with their configurations and there are start- stop- and startup buttons for server instances. From here the Setup button takes you to configuration utility of the selected instance. Set up is as 2-tier clients setup: You set up path to application, database, etc with that windows security stuff and some extra things ( remember the database username and password also ). After configuring and saving the settings, press the start button, wait some seconds to see if the server keeps going. If not, look from windows application log what’s the problem. From the client side configuration check the box ‘use aos’ and set up two paramaters: Name of the server instance (defaults ‘Axapta’) and The network name of the server Good luck!

From what you have said, I may not have the AOS installed correctly because I do not see an AOS server manager from my start menu. If I look in the Services, I can see that AOS is running. However, I do not see any application program to maintain AOS. I have a 2 tier client on the server that connects fine. I just cannot connect remotely with a 3 tier client trying to use AOS. My AOS is on the same server as the Axapta application. This is Microsoft…it can’t be this difficult. Thanks, Peter

Sorry, I have a shortcut in the startmenu. look at control panel, it’s there!