New German Usergroup

There is a new German Navision User Group. It was founded by Vobis Microcomputer, Astra Datentechnik and Esser Security. The Target is to make the Enduser stronger and to share Information, Knowledge and Tools. Navision Germany and Denmark knows about the activities. For more Information send a short Mail to

Does anyone know how it goes with this user group? Reports are welcome…

Searched with GOOGLE; Forum Deutschsprachiger Navision - Anwender - News : empty - Schedule : last entry June 18th 2002 Hmm. [?] bye Andre

André, Thank you for your research. It didn’t say a thing about the actual user group meetings though. That the site has not been active since june 2002 is sad - but very common. It’s a lot of hard work to start a new site - that’s why we have the National Fora here on this website.

FYI: This site ( does not exist any more.

I’d take a look if I understood German… [:(]

yes this will be much better…