New forum user.. :-)

Hi all.

My name is Toril N. Andersen, I work as a MS Dynamics NAV consultant and have done so for almost a year and a half.

Before becoming a consultant I worked in a production company, using NAV. I started working with MS Dynamics NAV as a project manager for the same company, responsible for implementing NAV. After the project was finished my main task was to develop the system further, train my collegues and make their day as easy as possible. I have played with and experimented with NAV for 7 years and found out that I wanted to develop myself further. I therefore joined Peritus AS as a consultant.

I have a NAV 5.01 certification, work with support in all areas (exept manufacturing).

I am looking forward to being member of a forum that can help me with some of the problems I experience. [:)]

Welcome to the community [:)]