New fixed asset check-box not enabled for purchase orders in AX 2012

Hi all,

New fixed asset check box not enabled for purchase orders(PO line details–>Fixed Asset tab) in AX 2012 even tough I select the required parameters under Purchase order tab in Fixed Assets parameter setup form.

Please some one help me what might be the problem,is it related to license issue?

There are some conditions,

The product should not be standard cost enabled.

purchase order should not be linked to project.

create asset during receipt/invoice parameter should be enabled.

If it is a stocked product, the purchase line should not have any marking

Hai Kranthi

Tried every prospect.every part is enabled and met the conditions above.

Still couldn’t fix it…

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Do you have enough permissions?

Yes Kranthi,working with administrator privileges.

Guys, could you check if by mistake your purchase order type is “Journal”. If so, change it to Purchase order and then check.

Hai santosh

I have checked the Purchase Order type is “Purchase Order”.

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This field is controlled in \Classes\PurchTableForm\setAllowEditAssetFields

Ask the Dev to actually debug and see what exactly is stopping for this field to be enabled.

If you resolve this issue please share the solution

Does your PO line qualifies the above mentioned conditions.

Apart from that, Check the item reference type on purchase order line, it should be None or Fixed Asset.

If your item is stocked it also checks if the post financial inventory is enabled in the model group.(It should be enabled)

If it is totally invoice it will not allow.

  1. Product type is Services

  2. Product subtype is Product

  3. Item Model group is None Stock Items

in which financial neg inventory is Checked

Accrue Lib on product receipt is Checked

While same thing is working in other company , where from we release this product

all this are ok , but i can not understand your last line

“if it is totally invoice it wll not allow”

item is non stock

If the purch line is totally or partially invoiced, the check box will not be enabled.