new field shows the item belongs to BOM no.

Dear All, I would like to ask you if I can create a new field in table ID 5407 Na 4.00 SP1, its name is prod. BOM No. for the item listed in the production order component. The function of the field is to show that the item belongs to what prod. BOM No. This really true if I have parent item consists of subassembly that has a prod. BOM. manufacturing policy of both are make to order, so, there will be one production order no. after refresh or created from sales order or planning worksheet. Pls help how to do that or its code. any replies and answer re welcome and awaited Rgds, Mark

Hi Mark One consideration for you is that components will be used in many BOM’s and therefore referencing one BOM number will become redundant. This is why the where used from the item card to show all the BOM’s is written as it is.

Dear Steven, Tks a lot for your reply. If I don’t create the field in the table, I want to create a table consists of production BOM of every items belong to them. So, the table consists of field item no., field description, field production BOM 1, field production BOM 2, field production BOM no. 3, etc…, the strengh point here is to show production BOM no., but not parent item where the items belonging to. What do you think and how to do that ? I think it relates to developer maybe. Rgds, Mark

Hi Mark Yes I will leave that to the developers, but you really need to be very clear on what you want to get the best advice.