New features in Navision Attain version 4

we have currently navision 3.1 and we want to know the benefits of upgrading to 3.7 or 4… we need specific benefits in each modules… all info is welcomed

There is dimensions. Intercompany functionalities. Fixes for costing in manufacturing. 4.0 SP1 has better performance on SQL. Your NSC could provide you all the detail. Just ask them.

Just to clarify. 4.0 SP1 does not have better performance against SQL, but introduces feastures that will enable better performance for specific cases, when used in a modified application that makes use of the features.

3.10 aready has dimensions. [^]

Just a couple of points that I remember… for 3.70 - it’s really an improved version with respect to 3.10, where they fixed a lot of stuff, regarding the following points: - item tracking - dimension - costing - new feature: business analytics version 4 really intorduces new features: - intercompany (as mentioned) - partial payment application - undo application - reverse journal postings - notifications - gantt chart in manufacturing - and of course: navigation pane (or pain…) [;)] Have a look at the different “Changes in version…” documents, they provide a detailed description of all changes, you should be able to find them on the product CD’s or I can send them to you by mail. Saludos Nils

Warehouse Bins is a big one.

The Item Analysis tools in 4.0 are also very powerful.