New Exam MB5-858: Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

Hi All,

New Exam - MB5-858: Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations

Microsoft recently posted that for a Partner to maintain their SPA, all Dynamics Partners will be required to have someone pass a new exam, the MB5-858: Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations.

There are not a lot of details as of yet on this exam, but it is suppose to be released on April 15th, 2010.

Should be interesting to see what they feel should be done when managing an implementation - in my experience it has never been real world scenarios referenced![:D]

I’d imagine it will be a “Can you regurgitate the Sure Step material” sort of test.

Does any one have got pdf trainning guide for this? i am unable to get it from partner source. email me at



You shouldn’t post your email address. You’ll just get spammed. And sending you the material when you’re not paying Microsoft is illegal and against their terms of service.