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I am from cameroon, but i live in Modena(italy). I am new graduate in computer science. I am working with Ax. I want to become an expert and i hope you can help me.

I am sorrry for my bad english. Thanks

To complete my Introduction:

My main language is french, o italian. Thanks

Welcome to DUG [:)]


Hi Immer Yan,

Its simple, If u interest I will take online classes with low cost on skype,

I will show you how to work on AX by using Teamviewer

contact :


Sekhar G

This is a great Idea. The problem now it’s my english. It’s not fluent yet.

Welcome to DUG [:)]


Hi SeKhar G,

I just got back from vacation. Now I must concentrate on the 2012 report. Do you have any rights to give me?

Thanks and good day