New employees in AX 2012


I’ve been toying around with AX 2012 Beta trying to create new employees. When I go to “Hire new workers” i am being prompted to include a start and end date for the employment. The fields are defaulted as “12/1/2006” for both employment start and end dates, and I cannot change them. If I try and change them, as soon as I click somewhere else in the form, the fields revert back to “12/1/2006.” If I create the worker then with these defaulted values, the employee’s status is terminated the minute he is hired.

Is there something else I need to setup, like a calendar or any particular parameters? Has anyone found documentation on this subject? I was able to create a worker fine in the 2012 demo data…

Thanks for your help!

Hi Adam,

In my sandbox environment, am not getting this kind of error. Am able to create worker with the current system date and default date is 12/31/2154. May be your vhd file has been expired. Download latest Part A, B and C Vhd files from partner source and install them. It may solve ur problem…

Hello, I am having this exact same problem and I cannot find resolution.

Can you tell me how you resolved this?