New Domain

I am mvoing Navsion 5.0 sp1 to a new domain

All windows logins will be different

I have backed up the Navison database and restored onto the new domain under sql 2005

I created a new sql windows login, but it pulls data from the database and adds the old domain user so the windows login does not work.

I created a sql login but this does not work because the user already exists in the Navison .

What is the best way to backup/restore the database without the user info in side.

Can I export the roles and username so I recreate them

Hi David,

What happens is that your SQL has logins and NAV will make references to them in the user table.

Once you move the domain , your windows logins will change (they have different sid) .

What you can do is to update their sid, or re-create them.

With regards to SQL login , you need to delete the existing user from the database(!) and then create the login with same name as before , then create a user in the database with same name as before , then you are good to go.


How do I update the Windows SIDs?

If I delete and recreate the database accounts is there anyway to export the users and there roles to a spreadsheet so i can add the roles back in


You can update the SIDs in the database itself , but of course you need to be aware of the new sid per login.

Look for the table Windows Login and Windows access control in the SQL management studio .

If you do the trick of recreating login and db user with same name , then you dont need to worry about roles. Those would work just fine.


When I create the windows login this is what i see

The elliottgroup is the old domain

Are the tables Windows Login and Windows access control in the Navision database

Yup , the tables will be in this case in the database “Eliott Group”.

Note that one thing to have access to the database via SQL , the other is the authorization within the NAV application.

Thus , you can have any SQL/windows login accessing the db , that will not fix things up until you clear the NAV app authorizations .

I guess to aviod the problems, you can just recreate the users then you are starting with a clear sheet.


I could strat with a clean sheet but i have 200 users so would need some way of expoerting the roles if possible so i can enter them back into Nav manually if needed

So do you have a map of old and new sid’s ?


I have a spreadsheet old old and new user logins

IF the old domain still exists then you can query it with some ad tools (,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=9a6f6bf2c5d3934d&biw=1680&bih=945)

As well as the new domain. then all you’d have to do is to upload the table with the new sids plus to create the sql server logins.

some scripting will help you.