New database loses zup file

We have just successfully completed the creation of a new physical database and restored the customer data and objects (from native 3.01B to native 3.01B). When the clients logged in, they all had clean new zups. I have never noticed this before. I understand that a new zup (or parts of it) are updated upon new object versions - but we have the same database name, the same server service, the same objects and versions and the same data as before. As noted in other threads, saving the zup and rewriting it over the new one doesn’t work. How does the zup recognise the change? Why does it need to re-set? Any new ideas on avoiding this in future? thanks, Adam Seaton

If you edit the zup and look for FDB you will find that the new created file is like a new starting point in the zup file… I know the problem but have no solution.