New Customized Object (AL Extension) sometimes cant be found

Hi All,

I have customized new object in AL Extension

page 80001 "New General Setup"
UsageCategory = Tasks;
ApplicationArea = All;
DeleteAllowed = false;
InsertAllowed = false;
PageType = Card;
SourceTable = “NewGeneral Setup”;


everything is ok.
user can see and access.
but sometimes it couldn’t be found.
once I restarted the service, then user can find New General Setup
my question : how did it happen?
I cant find what is the root cause this page couldnt be found.

Please advise.

Have you tried removing and reinstalling the extension? Its weird one as I have not encountered such an issue before.

Hi Imran,

thanks for the reply.

for other table/page/etc from extension, it still shown

only from the menu suite was not shown

i tried uninstall and then install back… still the same result, only after restart the service then it will re-appear

After re-appearing then it goes in hiding again, does it take a while or some while before go hiding? what triggers it?

that’s my question… I am not sure what triggers it

I am just trying to understand the whole situation. I might not have the answer as I have not encountered it some one might be able to help you when situation is clear. Is it only the certain user cannot find it or any one cannot find the page?

actually is applied to all users

ok. in the layout of the page , have you mentioned applicationarea=all for each field and in action area as well?

all already done…

Still not solved

A bit more context please. Especially with AL then knowing which version (full build no.) we talk about is important.

Have you tried with a newer build?

Agree with [mention:61b2aa9ce72e429baa1ef43208ddbea4:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]. also just noticed that this is card type page, are you calling it in a list type page ? card type pages should be accessed from a list and if all users can see list and launch the card from there then you are on the right track.

sorry i think i gone mad ignore me :slight_smile: ofcourse you can have individual card pages such as setup pages and by name of the page I think you have the setup card type page.

I am using the newest edition

BC Version CU 03 W1 13.3

more or less this is my code

page ******* MyPageNameSetup

Caption = ‘My Page Setup’;
DeleteAllowed = false;
InsertAllowed = false;
PageType = Card;
SourceTable = MyPageSetup;
UsageCategory = Administration;


Hi Imran… no problem.

I appreciate every advise from anyone