New Company Creation...

Hi all

Please tell me that how can we create the new company eith the setup same as an existing Company.

but there should not be the transaction in the new company. we require only setup…

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hi Vijay,

take a backup of ur company and import it to new company then run the class called sysdatabasetransdelete,

tat class will delete all the transcation except master data.


In ax 2012 for new company… Create Legal entity Like,

Go to Organization administration module-> setup->Organization tab-> Legal entites.

In that to create New company …


if you are in ax 2009, duplicate the existing company with another name. so that you will get new company same as the existing one.

run the SysDataBaseTransDelete class, so that all transactions will be delete and you would get only setups and masters.

hope it may helips…

Be cautious that running the “sysdatabasetransdelete” class will delete only the transactions table like POs, Invoices, Journals etc., Few things like PRs and RFQs etc., will be left out.

Thanks to all of you for suggesting me a good solution…

If you are not on R2 you should be aware the sysdatabasetransdelete class was not altered from version 4 meaning it leaves transactions behind.

Ideally on AX2012 you create a setup company and prior to transactions you back it up to enable a restore. In addition you could create a definition group of setup tables that are not shared and export the file and import it into a new company (with the correct settings on import)