New Chart of accounts

Hi, We are working on navision 2.6. As part of management changes we got to implement a new chart of accounts,project codes,department codes inline with the new parent company, which is entirely different from the existing G/L. In the above context we are thinking of setting up a new company with new chart of accounts,project codes,department codes and transfer required data. Please advice if there is an easy and better alternative? Thanks in advance Best regards, Anu

Hi Anu If it was from a chart of accounts perspective alone you could consider consolidating into a new company set up to report specifically in teh required format, and keep running as you are, but ultimately you are changing the whole structure of the business, so I would treat it in many respects as a brand new implementation - all the better for correcting all those previous problems [:D] Strange question to ask in the developers forum unless you were looking for an answer involving development? [;)]

Thanks Steven, Yes it is not just a chart of accounts perspective. I was always getting a techno functional sight from this forum and hence the question is raised [:)]. Best regards, Anu