New blog

I would like to present a new Spanish blog about error messages that can appear working with Microsoft dynamics NAV:

Twitter: @MsgDynNav

A good idea. A pitty that it’s only in Spanish. OK, I can use a translator but not on the screenshot. Would be an improvement if the messages were also pasted as text into the blog entries.

Thanks Luc!

Soon I’m going to create the same blog in English! But my English it’s not very good… Anyway I will try it !

Well don’t make it to difficult for yourself. Just make sure that the messages are …

Then using a translator these texts will also be translated.

Thanks for your comments Luc!

Remember I’m in Twitter if you want to know about new posts in the blog: @MsgDynNav

OK, done. My twitter account is: ~~@~~lucvanvugt

Thanks [:)] !