new arrival...just me


newly arrived nav end user currently enjoying a smooth pain free implementation.

i’m a pathological liar.


Welcome to our forum.

We will ignore every single post you are putting here (I’m the same liar as you are) [:D].

No seriously - welcome to the user group and we wish you all the best and good luck with the implementation. You will find NAV being a very handy and flexible application which will drive you crazy from time to time but mostly run smooth and effective.

Hi Rosy,

Welcome to Dynamics User Group.

Nav take a while to get to grips with so bear with it and you will grow to love it [;)]

Damn Thomas - you’re just too fast for me [:D]

Looks like it [:D]

Well it is just like your children.

At first there is a lot of pain, a lot of expense and probably a few tears.

As time goes by and you train your child to behave the pain reduces and happens less often.

Eventually, after alot of hard work and more expense, you have trained your child to behave properly and they become a source of pride.

Then the child leaves home and you find another opportunity to spend your time and money…


Welcome R, make yourself at home, and feel free to ask any question, and remember there are no stupid questions (or am I lying there… [H]). If you are anything like most of us, at some point you’ll be answering them yourself.