Network LogIn Problem (Nav 2.0B)

Here is the problem: 1. Remotely I can not log in . There is no erro from the server except, "Navision can not gain access to the database … path) 2. On the server if I run Clinet, the same thing. 3. If I double click on the Database file the program starts normally. 4. After that I can log in locally - no problem. 5. Remotelly I can not log in, the error is "This function can not be used while file is used by others) 6. I am running TCP/IP 7. The main Navision screen comes up and then error. There is no error number Need help ergently. Thanks

“Navision can not gain access to the database … path” Error comes when the database u are trying to open has the Read-Only flag set. Open explorer, Right Click on the database & uncheck the Read-Only CheckBox.

The message said: “This function can not be executed while database is used by others” I checked all attributes, files are not read only, everything is fully open. I deleted everything and restored it, after I used it for 5 minutes and then re-loged iin, it started again. Thanks

Ok… that’s an easy one… When you set-up the server you usually set also the parameter with the full path of the database (including the file name). If you modify that path (let’s say moved the database to a different folder) or renamed the file of the database, the server cannot gain access to the database as it’s not knowing where to find the database file. You can uninstall the service of navision server (not the server, but the service) and reinstall the service with the appropiate path to the database. On navision 2.0 you’ve to have the path as a local disk, so if you’re having the path as for example \server1\databases\database.fdb i won’t open the database. You’ll have to map that folder as a new driver on the server (let’s say G:) and then use something like G:\database.fdb Also if a user is opening the database locally the database cannot be open at the same time by the server…so take care on that. For uninstalling/installing the Navision server’s service, open a shell screen and go to navision’s server’s folder. Check the help on server.exe by using server.exe /help there’s a parameter (installasservice) for installing the service and a different one for uninstalling (uninstallasservice) Regards,