Network Connectivity Issue

Hi. Any body can share some good suggestions on Axapta 3-tier multi-locational environment at real time scenario. Here some information. Application - Microsoft Axapta version 3.0 Head office - one Factory - Two Users at each factory - 30 Available bandwidth : 256 kbps. MS recommended network bandwidth - 7 kbps per user. Geographical locations - within 100 kms. Budget : no problem AOS Server : two with load balance at HO. Requirements: 100% up time, persistence connectivity, good application performance. Proposed Solution: 1] VSAT 2] LL 3] ISDN Issues: Whether MS Axapta will work on VSAT with acceptable performance or not after looking at the standard delay time of 600ms for VSAT? Thanks. Preeti

Hi Preeti… the biggest killer on Axapta performance is the latency !! After all wht i read and testet… your users will gonna kill you if u use 3-tier with VSAT (600ms latency) !!! MBS recomends at MAX 50 ms. So lets divide it by 2 to get appropriate performance => 50/2 = 25 ms at MAX !! Better look for TerminalServer or Citrix Metaframe when thinking of VSAT. We have 20 Users on a 2 M/bits leased line ( ~ 40 km, 10 ms latency). With this, there is (for us) no performance issue! So check if u can get fast (latency) leased line. ISDN dial is normally also higher latency Hope it helps Pirmin

Hi, Citrix woule be required otherwise latency problems will persist. If the number of transactions are high, lease line at least 128 kpbs would be justified. Regards,