NetTcp port limit problem


I have created an inbound port which is using the InventInventoryOnHand Service. I have created a small C# program that retrieves records from inventsum. I have about 20k records in inventsum but I can only fetch 1000. In AX 2009 you could change the outbound limit on the endpoint but there are no endpoints in AX 2012.

I have already set the maxReceivedMessageSize and the maxBufferSize to 4097001, but I still never get more than 1000 records. Please help.



I have the same problem – did you ever get this resoved, Staffan?



We are facing the same issue. Have you found the solution to resolve this issue.

Search for Limit number of documents in Configure processing options [AX 2012].

Thank you Martin, We were able to increase the count.