Net invoiced quantity

Hi all,
Sorry if this topic has been answered before - I couldn’t really find an answer to my problem so hope someone here can help
My problem is that my predecessor has made some funky postings back in April '21 on a raw material and then tried to correct it in '22. From what I can gather, a PO was raised for the RM (raw material) but this was never invoiced, only received. It was, however, received with the wrong currency and so the invoice was simply invoiced directly without ever touching the item. In order to then close the PO, it’s been invoiced with the wrong currency and then credited but rather than crediting the item (which probably wasn’t possible because the RM had been consumed for production), it’s been credited using our direct G/L account for “purchase raw material”
So now when taking out an inventory valuation, the system claims we have 10.000kg raw material that we do not have physically. Any, somewhat simple, way to fix this please without causing too much ‘mess’ financially speaking?
Thankfully the raw material is, as of today, at 0kg so hopefully that can make it easier to fix?

Is this the inventory valuation report? It is saying you have 0 quantity at a value equating to 10,000kg?