.NET interop under Navision Application Server

I suspect I know the answer to this one but I thought I would post anyway to see if anybody has any thoughts…

I want to use the funtionality available in a .NET class library in NAV by using the dotNet variable type but it is in a situation that needs to run as a service not an end user client.

We have always managed situations like this with Application Server which I understand does not run under NAV Server service tier so can’t utilise the dotNet variables.

In the days before NAS we used to leave a client running on the server, running a from with a timer trigger on but I don’t even think this is an option with RTC as I can’t see a timer property on the pages.

Any ideas??..

You are correct, there is no timer property. You can easily create a .NET add-in with a timer variable, put it on a page, and leave that page open on the client, though. May not be the best solution, but it would work.


Can you not register you .NET component as a com then you can call it from NAS …

This is what we normally do and that makes a cleaner situation with scheduling .