NEP setup problem.....NAV5.0, Windows SharePoint 3.0, windows server 2003.

I have uninstalled windows sharepoint2.0 then installed sharepoint 3.0 based on windows server 2003. .NET3.0, J#2.0, SQL 2005 sp2, Message queueing…everything has been setted up by following the procedures. But when I install NEP, an error messge pop up, says I have to install windows sharepoint service first before setup NEP. Any clues??? Or if anyone could share me a right procedure.Here is my email: Thanks in advance!

It was supposed to be already released in September an update to Employee Portal to support Sharepoint 3.0. Contact Microsoft trough Partnersource to check is update has already been released

Which means at this point, NEP (inside NAV5.0 package) only supports sharepoint 2.0? is that correct?