Negative Stock With Positive Value

Hi, I have some items that show negative inventory but a positive value in the valuation report. I want to correct this to show the value as zero but am unsure of the entries that need to be made. Any help appreciated, Jonathan

Firstly, what Navision Version do you have ? Next. This is a known issue. And almost everybody came across this problem (especially when using average costing). Possible solution: Try to run the cost adjustment batch jobs. This could help. Otherwise: Go to the “Revaluation Journal” (if present in the Navision version you are using) and revalue at least one item ledger entry to result in a total stock value of zero.

A well known issue. Usuall generated with average, FIFO or LIFO costing. Caused when sales lines are shipped and invoiced before purchase lines are invoiced and the Adjust Costs - Item Ledger batch job is run. Make a copy of the live system. In the test system… Check the value entries for problem items. Run the Adjust Costs batch jobs. Check the value entries again. In some instances this can also be caused during data import and the ‘wrong’ cost field is updated.