Negative Quantity to Receive

Consider the following: Have a PO line with order quantity of 10. I enter 10 in the Quantity to Receive field and post. Then I realize I made a mistake and should have only received “8”. What do I do? I know of two solutions: (1) In Posted Receipts, I can do an Undo receipt. My users consider this “too many steps” and will not do this process. (2) I can enter “-2” in Quantity to Receive and post this transaction, setting the Quantity to Receive back to 2. I have not found any documentation about method 2. My question: is method 2 “standard Navision” and not going to cause me problems at some later step?

We use the negative receiving amt if someone makes an error and receives more than we physically have. This is possible as long as you haven’t invoiced the po yet. here’s more,RECEIPT

Thank you. Note: only once have I had a problem doing this “unreceiving”. It was on a PO line that had been “unreceived” several times as well as had the Dirct Unit Cost changed. When we went to post, a strange error message occurred. I don’t remember he exact syntax, but it had something to do with “value must be positive …”. At that point, everything viewable was positive. I ended up fully unreceiving the line, deleting it and reentering the line with the correct values. I could then post the PO.

Everything is not so good … I am finding that the negative receiving works well from the purchasing and inventory perspective, but not from the finance side of things. I put a new item on a PO, received it, “unreceived” it with a negative quantity, then received and invoiced. Everything appeared OK. I repeated the process using the Undo Receipt function in Posted Receipts. The Item Ledger Entries and the Values Entries were significantly different. One problem I see is some of the transactions are not checked “Completely Invoiced.” However, there is no way to invoice them. This problem came to light when I was testing the Calculate Inventory process in the Revaluation Journal. These items were identified via “Warning: the inventory value cannot be calculated before the items below are fully invoiced.” My users really prefer to use the negative receipts (rather than Undo Receipt). Any suggestions how to get the transactions properly processed?

Hi Tina You could create a new line on the order for the -2 quantity and post that as received, that will leave 10 received and -2 received. Then invoice the two lines (Total will be 8 invoiced). Your second method of entering -2 in the Qty to Receive field should not work unless you have changes made to standard functionality. Cheers Peter

Thanks, Peter. I am now considering retraining my users to go to Posted Receipts and use the Function, Undo Receipts process. They will not like this as there are already “too many clicks” from their point of view. I will try your suggestion for adding the extra line, but I don’t think that will go over well. It is important that the PO looks like the vendor’s invoice, so adding extra lines will only cause problems. Do you have any other suggestions for an efficient undo/unreceive process? We have to do this quite often. Another way I just thought of: unreceive the entire quantity using the negative quantity technique. Delete the PO line and reenter the line; receive with the correct quantity. Do you see any problems doing this? Also, I have about 100 entries in the Item Ledger representing these transactions. So far, the only place where they have caused me a problem is in the Recalculation Journal, Calculate Inventory Value - they show up on the test report and I am prevented from running the process. Do you know how to clear them up? I think I need to get them marked Completely Invoiced = Yes and Open = No. I don’t have rights to do so at the table level. Is there any process I can run? I appreciate your help. Tina

My “another way” still left transactions in the Item Ledger that need cleaning up. So right now, I only see using Undo Receipts or adding a line to the PO for a negative Quantity (not Qty to Receive). Correct?

Hi Tina Sometimes it is hard but users need to follow the standard processes even if this means a few extra key strokes. I would think you would need to show them how to get to the Posted Receipt Document directly from the order. Cheers Peter

Peter: That’s exactly the plan now. (Every time we try to “change” Navision, we run into some problem. Now, I have to figure out how to clean up the dangling transactions for the negative receipts.)