Negative Overdue Amount - Customer Card

Hello! My customer card shows a negative Overdue Amount in their statistics area on right hand side.

The negative balance is from a check that was applied to an invoice and the customer overpaid. This applied a “credit” or “negative balance” to their account.

After speaking with the client it needs applied to another invoice.

Is there a way to do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a fairly new user to this system.


If you are using Nav 2016 you can reverse the transaction which will create a positive and negative entry and then you can reapply the payment to the correct invoice.

Thank you. The check that was applied to the invoice was applied to 3 other invoices as well on a deposit. Can I still reverse and reapply to the original 3 and the new one for the remaining balance. It was applied to the correct invoice the client just over paid it(transposed numbers) so they want the rest applied to another invoice.

Well, I believe I figured it out. I opened the deposit and the check appeared in red as the remaining balance was past due. I selected that row and chose “Apply Entries” and then selected the next invoice to apply it to and then chose apply application.

Yes, that is exactly how it’s supposed to be processed.