Negative Output

Hi there is there a special reason (beside logic) that you cannot create a production order for a negative quantity? i’d like to change that in order to make production of more thant one item work (one item is consumed, teared apart, and 3 items are put onto inventory)

It goes against Accouting Logic, to have a -ve prodution, Thats why it doesnt work, also it will affect your cost, so I would recomend you continue with the production, and then take the hit for it.

Why not make the positive output a negative line on the BOM? this will only cause you an issue if you forward flush in a long process.

well i dont really know a lot abou production. but i saw a hundred checks to prevent negative posting of outputs. and because we introduced the whole production thing to our customer a month ago merely just to get correct costs i dont want to mess up everything again. i tried to tell them to post the effective output as output, the consumption as consumption, and the byproducts as negative consumption, but they dont agree with me, not because of the fact, but because that would cause them to manually insert the journal lines because the procedure i wrote for them does not work that way. and to update this procedure would cause me time which i dont have … unfortunately… but i guess i dont have a choice… EDIT: Before i forget: we neither have production boms nor do we have components. plain production. i use the sales bom for production component posting…

Ahhh - difficult to really comment then as you have written this specifically for them, however if you do allow negative output the cost will also be negative, and therefore the sold item will be 100% profit plus the cost, unless you do something with the cost of course! Every time I have encountered this (not specific to Navision) it has been handled by negative lines on the BOM at the end of the process, or manual entry on the journal - the latter of course having cost implications on the whole process.

well i just have to rewrite me procedure … guess it aint that much work as i expected. but i wonder if its the right way. i now post everything the correct way except for the byproducts wich i post using negative consumption. is this correct? i wonder why noone at microsoft makes a statement about the lack of this feature …

No idea if this helps at all but the output journal itself can be used to post negative output, so you can have it at the output level but not within the production journal (this will depend upon your version). Therefore you make one item, but when the function comes to explode the routing you also bring in the negative output. There is though a knowledge article on the ease of messing up all of your costings and advocates some code changes when doing this, not sure if you are interested though, it depends upon your re-write I suppose.