Negative Inventory Values

Hi all, We are running NAV 2009. I ran the inventory valuation report and I saw some of the inventories have 0 quantity but negative inventory values. I went to form “item ledger entries” and selected a line and click “application” and then “Applied Entries”. It looked like no item entries have been applied. So i went to application worksheet and filter for that line. Then I clicked “view” and then “applied entries” and “Remove Application” and escape out. In application worksheet i did “Functions” and “Reapply”. Later checked my inventory got corrected. I need to do this in a batch as I have thousand of inventories.I could not figure out the relationship between Item ledger entry table, Item Application Entry table and Value Entry Table. All I know right now is cost from value entry is summed and put in item table where item ledger entry no matches. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Do you have automatic costing turned off?

Yes I do have it turned off.

if you run the update inventory costing it will probably go away. We had the same issue and now we run the costing at night when no one is using the system. If you wan to test you can go to

fin. management\inventory\costing\adjust cost item entries

enter the item number and run

We ran the adjust item entries but it did not fix the issue. Still the inventory value is negative.

did you remember to post to GL after adjusting the cost?

Nope would you please guide me on this step. I do not have accounting background. what should I do and where in Navision?

I had my automatic posting Turned on before. I turned off my automatic posting.

Now my Post Inventory to G/L setup is not working. It does not do anything. “Cost is Posted to G/L” is checked on item card. I have the posting data from 2002 to 2010. I made the “allow posting date” to 2001-2010. When I run the “Post Inventory Cost to G/L” it does not do anything.

Go to FM → Inventory → Costing → Adjust Item Entries

Leave the first 2 fields blank (i.e. no filters). Tick Post to GL. This should be run every night. If you haven’t run for a while it will take ages. Best run overnight or over a weekend.

Basically, selecting turning on automatic posting does this process automatically every time you post a transaction. Note if nothing posts refer to your vendor as we had a bug which prevented us running this function. Once fixed it worked perfectly.