Negative Inventory Posting

Hi All,

I have one query , suppose I make PO and ship & Invoice on the bases of this make SO, now i ship & invoice the SO , means there is no inventory aviliable, what ever the qty i purchase i sold to cutomer.

Now the problem is that if i have to return the PO , without returing the SO.

my inventory is going in negative and the inventory valution cost is also negative.

so is there any fuctional setting iam missing

because as per process first my SO been return, than my PO will be return.

but in my case i can directly return the PO.

so inventory value & qty goes negative.

So any idea how to reslove this.



But how PO can be returned after SO Invoiced ? As physically Material is already dispatched/Shipped to Customer.

but actully system is allowing to do.

in navision its allow. that is my question.



Navision allows negative Inventory.

If you want to control your inventory then you need to put validation for negative inventory.

hi Amol,

for validation i have to write the code for this or any setting has to do.

second think wat u will sugget to to tackle this problem



I would suggest to put validation in Item Journal Codeunit i.e CU 21

So It will check for every transaction during posting.

thanks amol.,