Negative Finance Charge Memo Lines

(NAV 4.03) My client created finance charge memos and had many payments and credit memos inserted with negative remaining amounts and negative amounts. The test report gave a warning “Amount must be positive or 0”. The credit memos would not post. None of the credit memos had a negative “total” remaining amount or amount for all the lines. They do not want to go back and apply all of the payments and credit memos to invoices. I went to codeunit 395 “FinChrgMemo-Issue” and remarked out the following code:

//IF FinChrgMemoLine.Amount < 0 THEN

// FinChrgMemoLine.FIELDERROR(Amount,Text001);

This allowed the finance charges to post. I tested it through and there did not seem to be any repurcussions. I received cash for the finance charge etc. and everything worked OK. If I decide to leave this permanently I will add code to disallow posting if a finance charge memo has a total that is negative, which is very easy.

Do you see any problems with this? Have any other users experienced this? Has anyone worked around this doing what I propose? What would you suggest?

This was Microsoft’s answer:

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Dynamics NAV support. This is Joel and I will be responding to your inquiry today.

This is the first time that I have ever had someone ask about this type of situation. I don’t see a problem with what you are doing, but you will definitely want to go through testing to ensure that everything will balance and properly close if you decide to leave this functionality within the system. As long as your customization fits with the customer’s wants/needs there shouldn’t be any problem with it. In a normal situation, the Finance Charge Memo should be a positive amount when posting from the Sales Journal form.

Has anyone experienced this? Has anyone dealt with this the way I did? Any problems?