(Negative) Adjusting Shipments and Receipts

Hello, I am not sure if this is the right forum, but I think it will be the place where any problems wil be known about. We want to be able to amend a shipped or receipted quantity by a POD adjustment (often negative). It is not desirable to reverse the original posting as we want to track the adjusted amount. Also we want to keep it simple and not add new lines. It also means we don’t have to do the undo receipt function, and can reduce any over-receipts that have been invoiced. I have amended this code below on Qty to receive on Validate. In testing it seems to work in that we can do a negative receipt (also shipment). Does anyone see any problems with costing etc? I do note that the statistics form will not open as it cannot create a VAT line. From IF (“Qty. to Receive” * Quantity < 0) OR (ABS(“Qty. to Receive”) > ABS(“Outstanding Quantity”)) OR (Quantity * “Outstanding Quantity” < 0) THEN ERROR( Text008, “Outstanding Quantity”); To IF (“Qty. to Receive” + “Quantity Received” -" Quantity Invoiced"< 0) OR ((“Qty. to Receive”) > (“Outstanding Quantity”)) THEN ERROR( Text008, “Outstanding Quantity”);

Hi Richard You may want to ask for code comments in the developer forum. I presume form the text you intend to set the quantity to receive to a negative amount to reverse part transaction and book it into stock. I guess if you are doing this on the same line the costing and VAT will work from the original line. My question would be what happens on get receipts or get shipments if you use them. I presume you are not using bins or serial numbers as this may add complications. Are you reversing it into the same location? What you really need to check as well as the processing is all the downstream processing and that this flows through correctly.

Steven, Yes thank you for your quick response, I somehow knew you’d do so. I think the code is OK it is just the consequences, and this forum the consequences go much further. I hope some developers will see it anyway - I don’t want to double post You presume correctly about setting the reversing a part transaction. We are not using bins/serial numbers (as yet) and are reversing to the same location. We currently post negative lines and combine OK on shipments - this does it by Shipment no so should be no problem. We will continue testing, but on the face of it, it makes processing far simpler and more intuitative (spelling?) Richard

Hi Richard I guess if it is simple, you test it and it works, then that is all you need [:D] its always nice if it is intuitive!

Thank you Steven, It works for us through our testing and resolves lot of issues[Wow!], just need our NSC to adopt the changes. I am sure many others would like this…KISS PV Richard