Neeed EmplAge Group

hi axaptians,

i have a small requirement…

on my form there is a field “EmplAge” …str typr…and it is having values like 21,25,35,25.7,…etc…

now i need other field in the form level which displays the “EmplAgeGroup”…str type…like

25 to 30

30 to 35

35 to 40

40 to 45…etc

now…based on my “EmplAge” field …the respective age group should be displayed in “EmplAgeGroup”


21 20 to 25

26 25 to 30…

Suggestions would be verymuch thankful…

Hello Jeevan,

Create a new table of type group - EmplAgeGroup contains 3 fields “FromAgeGrp” , “ToAgeGrp” and “AgeGrp”.So in this table all the age groups will be defined here.

FromAgeGrp ToAgeGrp AgeGrp
21 25 21-25
26 30 26-30

So basing on the defined data in the group table, data can be fetched and displayed.I think this is one of the way of doing it.