Needs Technical Assistance on report

Hi Pioneers,

Actually for practice,I am preparing the report for the INWARD TRANSACTION OF THE GOODS IN INVENTORY, and user can filter the data on the basis of TODATE, FROMDATE, WAREHOUSE.


Fields Required In Report:

Item Group , Item Number, Item Name, Location of Item, Quantity,Supplier Name, Gross Value (In INR), Basic Value (Foreign currency), Exchange Rate,Basic Value (India Rupee), Freight/Export Fee,Custom Duty,Freight Local

There should be lookup in WAREHOUSE in dialog box.

Dear Pioneers, please suggest me the possible code, syntax etc. for my better understanding…As i am new to Axapta

Hi bikku,

Go through this :

Hi bIkku,

we have already discussued the issue… in the forum…

but i m facing problems, regarding syntax of joining of two or more databases

Somebody please help me…

I suppose you mean tables. What tables are you trying to join and what issues are you facing?